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Full Version: Help setting up WLAN connection
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I am a new linux user and just ordered a laptop with Novell SUSE Linux 10.0. The OS was installed by the company which I ordered, so I did not get a chance to set it up myself. I tried using Yast to help me configure it, but have had no luck. Yast recognizes my WLAN card, but I still cannot connect to the internet. Please, someone help me trouble shoot because I am a linux virgin and know little about it.
The company you bought it from should be answering these questions.

I'll do my best, however.

I can't answer your problem; you havn't described your wireless internet setup, and I need more information.

You can gather alot of information by running the following command.

iwlist wlan0 scan

Please paste the output here.

Since it's SUSE, you should have kwifimanager installed. Try running that; it might help.
The company i bought this from was out of SuSE 9.3 and asked if I wanted to upgrade to 10.0 for free. i replied yes, and when they sent it there was a note saying that they offer no technical support for the software. Bummer for me, but i've been trying my best to tackle the situation.

i typed 'iwliist wlan0 scan' and it returned: 'Interface doesn't support scanning'

secondly, like i said i know next to nothing about linux so i dont even know how to navigate very well. i searched for files and folders looking for kwifimanager in all of the directories in the drop down menu, and nothing came back to me.

Any further help would be greatly appreciated, or even a link to a good linux tutorial site of some sort would be nice. Thanks a lot
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