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Full Version: Advice on a Desktop Distro
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Yes, I know their are going to be many answers to this, due to the fact theres a favorite distro for everyone based on what they like in the os.
But im making a switch from slackware due some lazyness on my behalf regarding setting things up.. Trying to find a Distro that installs quite well and is pretty up-to-date Out of the Box with a latest stable kernel. Im getting ready to do a format. If i had the time id go Gentoo or slackware again. whats the next fastest disto in your opinion?
1. Try some live distros
2. Spend some time checking HDWR compatibility lists
3. Slack, Gentoo, Debian use GUIs but are more "hands on " in terms of configuration
4. Mandrake, FC, Suse, Ubuntu/Kubuntu use more GUIs for system administration.
I have loaded Mandrake on 12 random desktops with different hdw and it has had drivers for EVERY SINGLE one. It also has an excellent installer. I have dual booted w/w2000,me,98, and Wxp on single and dual hard drives with great success. Have also resized NTFS, FAT partitions with Mandrakes' installer many times with success. Always backup!
5. Try to avoid too much distro hopping as this will only prolong the learning curve. Most distros do most everything.
6. For grins try puppylinux -just tried today. It is a 60mb live distro that loads into RAM and hauls ass on a little 300mhz Celeron with 64 mb RAM. It is not slick but is well laid out and has most everything you need for basic functionality.

good luck
Mandriva is a *wonderful* distribution. I wouldn't be without it smile.gif
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