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Full Version: Dual Boot
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I have a P4 3.0 ghz intell processor on an Asus LGA775 board and 4 hard drives.
My windows drive is a Sata and the drive I installed PCLinux on is a Sata...
The other 2 are IDE and just backups.
When I install PCLinux on the second Sata drive all goes well, until I reboot...
It will load Linux but not Windows..I use the bootloader with the PCLinux...
Is there a problem with Sata drives...I have talked with alot of people who have used this with no problem (without Sata).
I have even tried installing PCLinux on one of the IDE drives and that doesn't work either...
After Install I have to go into the Windows drive and fix MBR to get Windows to boot...
Any Suggestions...
I would really like to use and try Linux...
What boot loader are you using, grub or lilo?
Post the configuration file. /etc/lilo.conf or /etc/grub.conf. grub.conf could also be /boot/grub/grub.conf or /boot/grub/menu.lst.

What drive set in the BIOS as bootable. disk 1 (XP) or disk 2 (PClinux)?

I do not understand from your post. Does linux boot successfully?
I am using the one from the PCLinux live CD (I believe it is lilo).
Yes,,,Linux will boot, but Windows will not..
There is no option available for Windows on startup...
Edit the lilo.conf file and add the lines to the lilo.conf. You need to be root to edit files in /etc

other=/dev/sda1 (assuming that windows is on the first partition)

Now run the command lilo
Can you post the lilo.conf file?
Thanks for the help, but I am pretty new to Linux.
Are you saying to add the 3 lines just as you typed them.
My options on boot up are:
PC Linux
Win c
Win e
Win f.
If I hit any of the win's I get the error message that hal.dll is missing.
Try booting the WinXP cd, then run the repair console and type bootcfg /repair.
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