* I'm normally a debian users, SO if anyone has any suggestions on how to get this to work with debian, please comment to.. this happens the SAME way with debian , just black screen*

When i go to set up linux mandrake (8) on my laptop, it goes to scan for PCMCIA devices, when it does, it finds my PCMCIA Modem *a 3Com Megahertz 56K modem Model 3CXM756* and the install will just stop, at a blue screen, , , not like BSOD though, just a blue screen. The modem worked 20 minitues ago when running windows XP, and i did try it after a failed install on the same machine with Windows XP and it still worked. So, i know the modem and the PCMCIA slot works.

Does anyone know why this is happening and how i can fix it? yes i tried to intsall with out the card. . . and when i put the card in, it does the same thing, just stays a blue screen, doesnt boot up. I chose linux mandrake because its easiest to install on this laptop, but if you do know anything aobut debian, let me know.. cause i would rather have that on here!