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Full Version: Gentoo GTK+ Frontend
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Okay so I have tried the GTK installer for gentoo and I just want to say some things about it that I like / dislike.
As of writting this I used V0.2.

Okay so last night I used the GTK installer for gentoo after coming from ubuntu.
I had ran ubuntu for about 6 months before last night and must say it is a very good system for learning and pro's alike.
Okay so I did some research and found out how to get my hands on the New Version of Gentoo with the GTK installer.
I was using the AMD64 ISO. Upon boot you were adventually greated with a nice welcome screen to log in.
I looked around and saw that the only desktop it came with was Gnome. Now I know this is a Livecd but I really think they should have chosen a lighter weight desktop or maybe even fluxbox or openbox. Anyway after logging in there was button on the desktop that said Gentoo Installer. So I did what I knew and clicked it. I like the theme of the installer, very clean and well organised. Very well done.
The menu progresses nicely and then you come to the partitioning section. !!!!Warning here!!!!! If you have NTFS partitions stop right now and don't continue. The installer hates NTFS partitions you will lose the partition so don't continue. Anyway if you continue you get to chose your stage, Nicely done I must say again clean. I did a stage 3 because I was testing it and did not see a point to wait for a stage 1. You must download the stage then the browser lets you find it which will be in /home/gentoo/Desktop/Downloads. Select your stage and next then you can either sync a portage tree or again use a prebuilt snapshot I downloaded the snapshot. Then you select the extra packages and make file config then adventually get to the install. Be warned it is unstable at best. I had it fail twice but if you get it you will be in good shape. The part that it caught on for me was the formating the partitions, hopefully not you. If that goes well just walk way and the rest will be done.

So over all time to setup the install is about 5 min at most, then all waiting. I give this project a "C+" it is well structered and is well organized but like the team says, it is unstable use at your own risk!!!!!! Okay but still it's good for beta very good for beta. So to anyone wanting to know if they should try this project I say YES PLEASE GO AHEAD.

The reason I wanted to take the time and try this was not only for my own courosity about it but so I could inform you guys what I thought and experianced. This will help anyone thinking about this for there first time. I didn't have much to go on but I hope this will leave you with what you need.


Do you have a link to the iso? smile.gif
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