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Full Version: Installing linux along side XP?
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I'va got an external hard drive and i want to install linux on that, and keep my original windows xp os.

Can anyone help me / point me in the right direction?
i dunno anything about linux based os but im pretty sure that u cant install an os on an external drive, if u want linux/windows dual boot u have 2 install linux on a seperate partition on the same hdd as windows or on another internal hdd
You can install an OS on whatever your BIOS can boot from. If your BIOS supports booting from an external disk, then there is nothing stopping you from using it.

USB-connected disks might be a bit more problematic than say, a SCSI one, but most distributions now support USB storagew devices out of the box. I have never tried it mysaelf, but it is certinaly possible.

Mandriva might be a good one to try - They actually ship external LaCie hard drives with it on, so I assume most of the necessary stuff is built into the kernel already.

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