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Full Version: Attempting to Install FC4 on HP ZV6010 - help!!
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Hi --

New to the forums, just a little experience with linux (made several succesful installs in the past but always returned to xp)

In any case, I recently purchased the HP ZV6010us, an AMD-64 based laptop.

After some deliberation, I chose to go with FC4 on the basis of some guides I found on the net suggesting that it had good hardware compatibility and easy fixes for some initially non-compatible components, including the touchpad and video card.

I downloaded the five cds from a mirror, burned them, slipped it in, and the install begins. I use linux vga=771 at the prompt to begin the install.

Each stage of the install takes forever; first installing the usb driver; then selecting language and keyboard layout. After each step I have to step away from the machine, watch some football, and return.

Finally I get to the install type screen (choice of workstation, server, custom, etc.) When I make my choice at this point, I proceed to the partitioning screen, where the install finally seems to hang. (I get that oh-so-familiar (from XP) problem where I press [Next], it appears to be depressed, and then nothing happens, yawn).

Any ideas? Could it be trouble with the install media? Any 'cheat codes' i might want to try from the initial prompt?

Additionally, if I do the media check and it 'fails,' what should be my next step? Just burn again and try it again?

Thanks for any help you can provide!


If your media check failed, then check the MD5 sum of the ISO image you downloaded using one f the numerous tools available to do it. The correct sums shoould be availble from the same place you got the ISOs.

Never installed on a laptop, or isntalled FC4 for that matter, so cant help you there im afraid.

the md5 check seems to work. thanks for the idea though.

other possibilities?
Are you using the 64-bit edition, or the 32-bit one?
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