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Full Version: Apache and DynDns
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Help I'm so lost

I registered with DynDns and made a domain name with them something like
now I need to figure out how to make apache map that address which is is to my
folder which I want to use as a file server.

????? Please can any one help
All that is required is fowarding web traffic from a router (if used) to your web server depending on how your network is configured. You also might need to change some iptables rules.

The dyndns client will update the server so will always point to your IP address. You need to modify apache.conf to point to your document root folder but nothing is required to map the address.

With a T1 line do you have a static or dynamic IP address?
well I have dynamic ip. The router I have uses the ip 72.*.*.* and then gives each computer in the network a new dynamic IP from - 199. I know how to get apache to point to a folder but my questions is, what do I have to do with apache so that when I type in it know to point to say /usr/share or what ever directory I chose
Configure the router so you are fowarding port 80 to the IP address of the webserver. You should configure your webserver with a static IP address. When you type in your URL in a browser from the internet will point to your currently assigned IP address from your ISP. The dyndns client will update your IP address so no need to worry about that. The router will foward this traffic to the webserver's IP address. The displayed web page will be the default i.e. index.html (or defined by httpd.conf) from the DocumentRoot directive in the httpd.conf file which by default is /usr/local/apache/htdocs. The actual directory varies with distribution if you did not install from source.
If you want access to other directories then you will need to modify the httpd.conf file.
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