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Full Version: n00b here
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i just installed Fedora core 4, after 4 hours of messing with discs and hard drives and now it wont boot, this should be a dual boot system, windows on hda and fedora on hdb but it boots windows without asking, so i swapped the drives around so that fedora was on the master drive, now it says something about error loading os, any ideas? ive never used this before

nevermind, i decided not to have a dual boot system and i reinstalled fedora, all is well now
man..these are the days..when use find easy to swap the hard disks rather than changing the device entries in grub.conf

Now..i think at least, you should get the grub boot screen. At the screen press 'e' and then press 'c'.
This will take you to grub command prompt. there you set:
grub> root (hd0,0)
and then press 'esc' and then press 'b' for booting.

It should boot linux here. You should change the file /etc/grub.conf and change the entries over there. Also after chaning the file grub.conf don't forget to enter command grub-install to make those changes permanent.
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