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Full Version: New install chashes during bootup
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Hi just installed Suse linux 10 oss on my pc and the install seemed to go fine.

when it came to booting up after the install it loads all the icons from the botem up ie HD, Keys, Curciut Board and Pc but it then beeps three times and i see a black and white checker screen and a mouse X for a secound but then the PC promtlly turns OFF with no error message or warnings

any suggetions PLZ im new to linux so im pretty noobish

Suse linux 10 oss "from a 5 CD iso torrent (all Checked before install)"
P4 HT 3.2 GHZ
1GB dual channel Ram 533
80GB maxtor HD
X700pro ATI 256 Graphics
Lanparty motherboard daul 1000-LAN
If you need more/indepth info just ask...

Thankyou biggrin.gif
hmmm just turns off. This would seem to be a config problem in the install. Just wondering do you have windows
If it just runs off then it might be a power or memory problem.

Do you have a "failsafe" mode to boot into?
Hi yes i do have a windows install but it is on a diffrent HD that i did not have pluged in when i installed linux or when i tryed to run it

i have tryed to reinstall it a few times and have preformed a memory check before install from CD1.
My psu is sufficant and have had no problems with it in the past.
I do have a safeboot option when loading but it just takes my to a black screen where i can type stuff but im a total noob so its way over my head sad.gif

thanks for the help so far biggrin.gif
Well, boot to the safe mode, then have a look at the output of "tail /var/log/messages" to see if there are any error messages. Also try running "init 4", then logging in as root, and then running "startx > /log.txt". If it rebots, then boot into safe mode again, and consult the contents of log.txt using "cat log.txt" for any clues

Are you sure its turned off?
Try pressing ALT-CTRL-F1..F7

If you get a login prompt..then we can say..its not at least turned off
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