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Full Version: newb: tty problem
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hi all,

I'm still new to linux. When I was trying a program, I accidentally deleted all the tty in /dev and maybe something else. The command was 'clearlinks' as I can remember, it deletes all links that points to nothing and all empty files.

Now, when I tried to boot my computer, it will say something like no access to tty; job control turned off.

Can somebody help me with this problem?

What distribution? What kernel? Are you using udev or devfs?

thank for replying,
distribution: Arch Linux
I can't really remember the kernel version, but i think it's 2.6.14
I'm not very sure about udev or devfs, what's the difference? Is it the naming? my hard disk shows up as hda3, I think it should be udev unsure.gif .
devfs is the legacy dev fleystem manager, and udev is the new userspace version. Nammiing should be almost identical, except peraps for some more exotic devices.

You can get your kernel version using "uname -r" - But 2.6 suggets that you are probably using udev, regarldess of the minor version number.

I would expect udev to recreate important device nodes like ttys...

Try running "makedev tty0" (and tty1 etc. etc.) as root - However there are associated devices which might not be created by that command. It might be easier to reinstall, provided that you dont have too much software installed (if your /home/ directory is on a different partition, then you shouldnt lose any user data).
Can I do it from a boot disk?

Reformat would be the final option for me.
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