I have been running software raid on Fedora Core 3 for a while. I have 3 250GB IDE drives each on their own IDE channel. The appear as hda, hdc and hdg. On the 3 drives, I have 2 md devices. md0 is RAID 1 and contains /boot. It resides on hda and hdc. md1 is RAID 5 and contains the other filesystems. I had gotten a warning that hda failed a while back. I removed hda from the array using mdadm, and then reinserted it. It rebuilt ok, but I still wanted to replace the drive. I powered off the system and removed the drive. After replacing it with the exact model, I powered up the system. It would not boot. I decided to put the original drive back in and rebooted the system. Grub begins to load the kernel, and then I get a panic. The system is telling me that 2/3 devices for md1 are not in an operational state. I am sure that the drives are ok and that the data is still on them. How can I get the drives back up?