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Full Version: problems with /etc/ftpaccess and users restriction
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Hi all!!!

I`m trying to create an user only able to access a specific path.
It seems that what I'm changing in /etc/ftpaccess file is not correct, becasue with the changes I show
below the restrictions are applied for all users in the machine.

First entry I added is:

class myClass real <ip allowed>

and the to restric access I wrote:

noretrieve absolute class=myClass /
allow-retrieve class=myClass /mypath/*
upload class=myClass /mypath/ * no
delete no class=myClass
chmod no class=myClass
overwrite no class=myClass
rename no class=myClass

As I said before the restriccion is affecting all the users, and I only want it for a specific user.
The fact is that I don't see how to specify the user to apply the restriction. I tried to add also

noretrieve abosolute user=<name of user to restric>

but i did not have success.

Your expert help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!!
Hi all!!!

Seems that the method I was using to restric the access is not very appropriate for my case. Also say that I'm using wu-ftpd as ftp server.
Using the method in my previous post only would be ok if I associate the class to an specific IP (no I use * to apply to each a ip). I don't want
to specify the restricction access for one ip, but for one user.

I marked the user to restric as "guest" user in ftpaccess file, and also specified in passwd file the initial path for the user.
The problem now is that I see the path empty. How should I configure it?
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