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Full Version: Mandrake linux boots, but login resets
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I've run in to this problem for the second time now, and I don't know what is causing it.

When mandrake linux 10.1 boots up, I get a login prompt that normally is "enter username" then "enter password"

Then for some reason, all of a sudden it appears differently with their being a box with all the people listed, simular to the windows XP login screen (little pic's for each person) and then a password propmt. With the options "halt" etc showing.

When I try to login now, It just goes black, and then returns to the login screen. Any ideas? Last time I fixed it by reinstalling, which lost me a lot of work. This time, I've done more work, and I'd like to avoid reinstalling if it is possible.
Have you modified any configuration settings lately?
Do you normaly login to a terminal console instead of a desktop?
Did you install lilo or grub as the bootloader?

I don't know if I've modified anything - but I started SSHD on the last time I turned it off.

I normally log in to a Desktop.
Been a couple of days now, and I haven't managed to find a solution sad.gif Does anyone have any ideas? Sorry for the bumping, but this is beggining to bug me :S
Your boot mananger probably has nothing to do with it. Try going into the control centre, and under "system", change the login mananger (has traffic lights as the icon).

Could you be a star and step by step me through it? I can't log in to a working GUI.
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