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Full Version: Setting up an internet server behind a router
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Are there any tuts on how to set up an internet server behind a linksys router anywhere? I've read a few things about getting it done, but all I seem to be able to find is windows based help.

I am running Mandrake linux 10.1 and I have a linksys router.

What would be the best way to tackle this problem?

Obviously, I need it so that if someone types in my domain, it goes to my router, and then automatically to the right client behind that, and then the server(client) send back the correct information, as I intend to host 3 websites.

Please, any information is greatly appreciated, and I thank you for your time and patience with my inablity.
Do you have a static or dynamic IP address for your internet connection?
Does your ISP allow a webserver? (I assume this is a basic home broadband network connection)
Are you going to have multiple servers or multiple hosts on the same PC?

The basic router setup is to foward port 80 (default webserver port) and TCP to the IP address of the server. If you have multiple PCs use a static IP address.

Have you googled for info?
Google is always my first stop - then when I get stuck about it, I ask for help, then I continue to google some more, in case I can find the answer. I found out about portforwarding 80 etc - and I'm researching in to my ISP's ability to let me host.

But that's on hold for now, because i have a new problem that I can't find the answer too :S
But that's on hold for now, because i have a new problem that I can't find the answer too :S

Ask away
I did, in a seperate thread
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