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Full Version: Installing libxml2 on Mandrake 10.1
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First off, hello smile.gif

here we go.

I am running Mandrake 10.1

I have succesfully installed MySQL and Apache was already on the machine.

I wish to install PHP 5, but I get this error:

xml2-config not found. please check your libxml2 installation

so, I google around a little. and find out that i need to install libxml2. So, first I download and install this

I couldn't find a version for 10.1, and I have no idea how to unsinstall things either, but I installed that with no errors, and I get the same error when compiling PHP. So, I again, I google, and find out that I also need to install the devel for it. So, I google, download and install this

However, when I go to install that rpm, i get the following error:

libxml2-devel-2.6.17-2mdk.i586 (due to unsatisfied multiarch-utils)

Anyone got any ideas?
Use the control centre to install libxml - It is one of the best RPM frontends available, and will handle all the dependencies for you. You can increase the amount of software which can be installed via the control centre by following the instructions at

Come to think of it, if Apache was insatalled using RPMs, then you would be better off using the Mandriva-supplied PHP5 RPMs which shouldnt need any extra configuration to work with Apache.

libxml2 has installed ok, it's libxml2 devel that won't install, but still could you do me a big favour and give me a little more detail in to the control center (Just some basic knowledge) and how to install it/find it.

And also, where are these php5 RPM's for mandrake to be found?
Go to the main menu, then under configuration is "Configure your computer" which takes you to the Mandriva control centre (called drakconf). Click on the add/remove software bit at the side, and then pick the add software option.

Use the search box to find the right package (it will list all the pakcages avilable on your instllation media, plus any internet-sources (repositories) that you add using easyurpmi).
Did I tell you that you are a genius?
I take it that you fixed the problem smile.gif

Glad to be of help

* Closing *

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