I was adding some new accounts to my RedHat 8.0 Linux system, adding and deleting groups, shuffling users between groups, changing shells, that sort of thing. I was also playing around with setting up Samba. To make matters worse, I was adding and removing various daemons from the startup list and reconfiguring them. Somehow I seem to have managed to add another layer of authentication required to login to the system. The result is that I cannot login to any account with any password.

I have NOT lost my passwords. On the off chance that I did, I removed the root passsword from the shadow file in rescue mode and rebooted. Still no go. If I purposely login to a non-existent account or use a bad password, I get the standard message stating that the account/password combination does not exist. But, if I use a valid account/password combination, I get a little window that pops up saying "Authentication failed" with a little "OK" button to dismiss it. It is clear that password checking is working but that there is something else happening AFTER password checking that is denying me access to the system.

Thanks in advance for any help.