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Okay, so you've been to the guides section, the distributions, howto's, XFree86, PPP Help and maybe even our ugly mugs in the Linuxhelp staff section, but in your travels, have you seen anything that might be missing from ? Anything that you expected to find when you got here but came up short?

I would like for everyone to post their thoughts on the site, is there anything missing? Anything that the average new linux user would like to find?
New Guides Coming Soon....I Promise!!!!

Apache, mySQL, php, SSL


and the feature guide of the year....
how to install an under 600Meg install of RH8.0

....ummmm...i think about that one.....

but really the first two will be created....

the third one about the install....if i feel like it.....

but honestly...i think the whole site needs to be updated with the
most current

any news on access for me and tourettes to the site and box?
I set tourettes up with an account. Let me see how this works out and if everything goes good I'll set you up with one as well
This is my first visit since registering, so I'm that new to the site, as well as to Linux (although I once was a longtime Unix end-user, so that should help).

I now use a Mac and I notice right off that, on your site, you've nothing relating to Linux and the Mac. I want to install Linux (I have the Yellow Dog version) on my Power PC and then, most likely, run Mac on Linux as well. I'd like to try installing Linux on my PowerBook 1400 too, although its 6-gig drive may present space problems, I shouldn't wonder.

Clearly, I could use some help on such matters, from the site or from your membership.

In a more general way, though, I like the site: it's clearly laid out, has a useful feel to it and seems to offer as good deal of useful information -- except for what I mentioned above!


PS: I'm told I'll need to set up a "swap" space (or "scratch" space?) on my drive. in order to do the installation. Info. on how to do this would be much appreciated.
That's a good idea, I have a friend who uses an iMac and has used Yellow Dog linux in the past, maybe I could get him to write a blurb about it. I didn't think that installation and setup would that different from an x86 setup, but I could be wrong.
ph34r.gif I haven't had much time to look at this site, but you do talk about places to order software.
Bill Bennett, aka the Computer Helper Guy, (or is that .net ?) from Selkirk Manitoba, makes burned copies of the various distros available. His disks are available at Computer Boulevard in Winnipeg, $5 Canuck per disk. For Instance, Mandrake 9.1 is a three disk set, therefore $15. cool.gif If you need to use a credit card to order from him, he charges $5 US per disk, as his Credit Card site is US-based. blink.gif
This site is great... the forum is excellent!

You guys are right in wanting to add updated articles and information... in one regard, even if it's everywhere else on the web it's still a good idea to have it here. Why would we want to give up our visitors to other sites?! But also, we should definately have something that sets us apart from other sites with linux how-to's and articles. The challange is to find a new and fresh way to present it.

A few months ago I started a group on yahoogroups called CyberDevDigest. We're still small and I find myself having to keep the group afloat at some points but I see a lot of potential for the group. I'd like to develop our own website where we can present ideas and developments that come out of the discussions on the list, as well as the manditory reference articles and the such for the members. Links, bookmarks, rescources, tutorials, guides, etc... all at thier finger tips. While that's in the works I also send out to the subscribers a monthly newsletter with about 5-6 articles varying in topics but related to web development (JavaScript, CSS tricks, PHP, etc.) Perhaps we could have a newsletter here that hilights and expands on the most interesting topics posted to the forum during the previous month.

We also have a monthly poll, like which editor do you use to encode your html pages? Something like that could defdinately be instituted here seperate from the forum.

When the other members feel more comfortable with their cyberdevelopment skills I'd like to volunteer the group to a project or two at which's looking for website designers. We'd collaborate together on the design and it'd be this group effort. While not necessarily website work, perhaps the site here could think of a similar "program" to connect people and to provide an opportunity for us to learn from and share with one another in another venue than this forum.

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