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Full Version: Visual Basic 3 compiler for linux???
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I am writing an open source quiz game about US presidents i'm using Visual Basic 3(my neice uses Windows 3.1 and it was the only compiler I had that could make exes for 3.1 and I started it to help her learn some of the stuff she will be tested on at the end of the school year) but now I want to port it to linux also(so she can use it on the computer i'm giveing her for christmas)
I don't want to have to rewrite it from scratch so I was wondering if there is a way to compile it for linux(or a script to convert it to c/c++) without haveing to rewrite it. if not can anyone sudjest an easy library to use for
You can get it to see what I used in it the code is more messy than you would beleve(if someone could help out and clean it up a bit it would help)
You can get VB.NET compiler..that comes with mono..but VB 3 is difficult i guess..
Yea I heard about mono how good is it? It would be a neat thing to have if its good but i'm on 56k so downloading anything is hell unless its worth it. is it worth the download?
If it is only a simple application, which desnt need VB-Runtimes (it might possibly work if it needs them though) then you might be able to run the Windows version using Wine. What distribution are you using? Some of them provide Wine on the installation CDs.

Yea I have Wine and it runs it fine on my computer but the computer it will be running on isn't fast enough for it to run under Wine. I've started rewriteing it in c++ but its a bitch haveing to rewrite things from scratch next time I'll have to think ahead about things like that.
lol..if you are writing it in C++, then you might as well have tried Mono..its really simple and worthwhile.

The ultimate portable can even run binary compiled on Linux on Windows ( given, you haven't used too much of esoteric features of native OS) and what more it supports VB.NET.

THe installation is not difficult...and download size is around 50MB ( i know,pain in ass?)
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