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Full Version: Network Linux with Mac OS X
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Hi I would like to get Linux to do three tasks. I'm thinking of using Ubuntu for doing these things, but if another distribution would be easier, please tell me.

I want to network a Linux machine to my other computers so I can use it to store files. My other computers are running OS X and Windows XP. I really only need to network it with the OS X computer, but XP would be a plus. I have no idea how to setup computer networks. All I'm looking for is the easiest way to be able to mount the Linux computer on my Powerbook to share files between the two. My Powerbook is connected to a wireless router if that matters.

I don't want to run the Linux computer with a monitor, keyboard, etc. Is there a way that I can access it and manage it from my Powerbook? I've read about VNC and think that it would be a good way to accomplish this. So I think what I need to do is set up the computer so that it starts a VNC server on startup. When I've used Linux previously, a password needs to be entered to log in. I assume it can be set so that it automatically logs in without the password. But the other thing I'm worried about is that having it log in by itself may be insecure, but as I don't have a monitor/keyboard, how do enter the password when I turn the computer on?

I want to know how to setup the Linux machine as an FTP server so that I can make user accounts and connect to it from other machines.

If anyone is able to help explain any of these topics to me or give me links in the right direction to accomplish these tasks completely or partially, please do so and thank you.
1. For OSX to linux go Here it says its for Ubuntu but it should work for anything I think

2. Keep it on after the inital setup unless you want to turn it off to save on the electric bill or have some special reason to turn it off I never turn my computer off works just fine like that. If that isn't possible for you then try googleing it


I hope that helped
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