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Full Version: My Glibc dissappered
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Sorry about how long this is I ramble on alot and have no punctuation*sp?

The other day I turned on my computer(redhat 8 box) loged on and decided to start X11 so I entered the command I always use "startx -e hackedbox" well it dident work I figured the fonts ran away again(my fonts move every once in a while its wierd) I looked and they were there so i tryed starting X with just "startx" it starts KDE by default(never could figure out how to change the default) but I just got a message that KDE couldent start so I clicked "ok"(I think it was ok) and it went to my text again well the last message in the X11 messages was saying that KDE couldent start because a file couldent be found and it said it was from Glibc 2.4(never had glibc 2.4 that I know of) and i looked and i dont have glibc at all any more and I cant realy do anything on my computer without it can someone tell me what happened? and where I can get the rpms(i cant update librarys from source I broke my computer every time i have tryed) for Glibc 2.4
Really strange..

Did you compile your kernel or by any chance *gcc*!!

ok..try starting gnome or something..

Edit file ~/.xsession and put following lines into it:
exec /usr/bin/gnome-session

And let's see the error messages.
you need glibc if you ever make any programs from source, so its usually included on machines by default.

What packages have you installed recently?

And you're whole fonts moving thing is ubber odd. It has to be related to something, either installing packages, or uninstalling packages. What ever, Hemant had it right with your ~/.xsession file, what ever you want to launch by default, so if you want hackedbox put

exec /usr/bin/hackedbox

in and make sure that there aren't any other exec lines, or it will cause problems.
I havent installed anything for weeks the only thing i've even tryed to install was Firefox the installer complained so I got the no installer version still dident work so I just deleted it that was like 3 or 4 days before my glibc dissappered

Yea with the fonts its crazy they just keep moveing and I end up haveing to run locate fonts/ to find them then I edit my config file to point to them i've found them in /, /home, /bin, /usr, /root, and /usr/local I cant see any reason for them to move so i figured one of my friends was screwing with me(logging on over the internet and moveing them) but 3 or 4 of the times it moved were while I dident have internet on that computer so I dont know whats going on
Hemant will be a good idea. keep the password difficult to crack, install firewall and Redhat-9.0 is pretty old...
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