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Full Version: Shockwave
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I am very new to linux and Firefox which is the browser i use doesn't have any plugins on it and i tried to download them but i can't get any of them to work can you please help me i really would like to know because most sites i go to i can't see half of them because they all require either shockwave or java or someother plug in
Shockwave is not available for Linux, flash is however.

Both Java and Flash come with instllation instructions, and are both pretty easy to install. Theya re available from


Please dont post your email address, firstly, it will be harvested by spambots, and secondly any help sent to your email is not available to anyone else.

Which distribution are you using (It's easier to provide help if you tell us)

Merry Christmas

well see we had a friend of the family who owns a computer fixing company put the computer together so i'm not sure exactly but he can't seem to get plugin on here so i just thought that mabe he did something wrong or they just can't but shockwave was the one i really wanted but java and flash would be good to
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