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Full Version: SuSE 9.3 Reassigning Network Devices
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Our internet gateway has 3 ethernet network interfaces - one for the LAN, one for the internet, and a spare which can be patched in should either of the others fail. Logic tells me that, on booting, the OS would detect and assign device nodes to each one in the same order each time. Apparently not!

Each time it reboots, it seems to assign eth0...eth2 to the NICs at random. This causes no end of confusion for the admin staff trying to work out which interface is which. More seriously, there are scripts which refer to the interfaces by their device name - for example, the one which configures IPtables for the routing and firewall.

Is there a way (I'm sure there is...) to force each card to be assigned to a specified device node?


Ok this is probably the oddest problems I have ever seen, and at that point I would probably pick the box up and trow it out a window. I completely understand the frustration.

However, I have no solution for you. This is one for the SuSE experts, that of which I am not, and I don't really think any of the guys around here are experts with SuSE either.

However, I would like to know whats causing the problem, if you ever get it figured out I would love for you to come back and make a post. Good luck man.
I thought about this a little here. And though I can't walk you through it I have an idea.

You could try turning off hotplug on boot, and manually load each module. That way you should be able to assign modules to hardware addresses which can't change. And as you assign the module they will get names like eth0 eth1 eth2 and such which will be the same each time.

Thats probably the source of the problem, so how hotplug isn't loading the modules in the same order each time.
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