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Full Version: Mandriva Problems
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I have mandriva and I've had nothing but problems...i'm trying to run it on really old machine...p2-350 w/256mb Ram but according to Mandriva it should work. Everytime I try to download anything thought the whole system freezes, it gets to about 95% completion then dies. Any suggestions? I was thinking about trying Ubuntu since I'm really new to Linux.
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Which program are you using to download?

I promise you, you wont have any less problems in Ubuntu, you will just have different problems.

The thing you have to understand about linux is that installing the latest version of Linux on you're machine is no different that installing Windows XP on a machine. If you're installing Mandriva 2006 or the current release of Ubuntu you're installing a system that is ment to be run onf the P4s and Athalons of the world.

Now, if you want to you can make it work. The first thing you need to do is NOT use KDE or GNOME. They are was to processor intensive and will cause you nothing but problems. Install a lighter window manager like Fluxbox of WM. That will help dramatically to reduce the burden on your system.

Ounce you have done that, you should be able to start functioning more easily.
Is there maybe a lighter distro that's no quite as pretty & Noob friendly that I should think about switching too? Right now I've got the mandriva 2006 w/kde so yeah that would be an issue thanks jim.

ds2k3-i'm browzing using firefox, I'm not sure what program is doing the download (being a nood I asume firefox) And Ark is trying to decompress the .gar file.
ok i have installed webmin and it's running but I'm having a really hard time getting it locate samba...I tried to configure samba using the mandriva control center, no luck. I read on another forum that webmin made it easy but I keep getting an message that says that samba isn't on my system. The only thing that I want to be able to do is have windows users(mostly xp, some w98) to be able to use the linux box as a file server. There is no domain controller it's just a peer to peer network. If someone could help me figure out a conf file that would do all this i would be quite grateful.

How did you install Webmin and Samba? If they are both official Mandriva RPMs then it should work out-of-the-box. What's the problem using the control-centre?

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