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Full Version: Backup a Novell Netware FileServer
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I would like to know how to conect to a Novell Netware Server. This server is used only as FileServer and i would like to make Debian Linux computer to generate automatic backups of this files.

How can I connect from Linux to this file Server? (Under MS win there is a client for this kind of server anything similar in linux?)

What do you recomendo for creating backups of the servers files in my Linux Computer HDD via LAN?

There are clients out there for Linux too. I am not sure what Novell recomends anymore, odds are they have their own. Just get on google and poke around a little. I found a few guides that show how to use ipx to connect.

This is Novells guide on how to set up Novell Desktop Linux to connect, obviuosly you're running debian you said, but it should be exactly the same save you might not have the packages installed already. You should be able to get them though.

As for making backups over a LAN there are a few things to consider. One is most importantly how much data are we talking about backing up here? Keep in mind that if you set it up right it will only back up changed data. So if you're only gonna be backing up a few hundred MB or so on given night there is no reason not too. But if you're going to be backing up gigs of info I would not recomend using LAN to bakc up that much data. You're going to want fiber channel and back up devices desinged to handle large data, not just a desktop.
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