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Full Version: chinese xp pro os, want to partition & add linux
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so, obviously i know nothing about linux...but i would like to! first i must partition my hd. normally that would not be such a challenge, even tho i have never done it before...but now my os is in chinese...EVERYTHING on this computer is in FRIGGIN'GODDAMNCHINESE. why in god's name do you have a chinese os, you may's very simple, i am in china. ok? ok. i can't afford the $600+ it would cost me to buy an english windows os & office i would like to load linux and wean myself from this inhuman and soulless crack-dealer that is microsoft.

i don't know which icon is the scandisk, although i think i have found system tools...and i don't know which one is the defrag...but if someone would be kind enough to send a screenshot of them (xp pro sp2) then i could figure it out

...also, i have a vicious bug. it has disabled seven different anti-bug programs and is what started this whole story. i was booted off of google as they said my computer was sending out mass emails, have received almost constant messages that my personal info is being hijacked and get messages on the sidebars in yahoo that say "the site you are trying to find is unavailable due to your security settings..." then gives me directions to turn off the privacy protection on my anti-bug programs and allow my personal info to be sent to some scum-infested website, ...right. i'll get right on that.

so, how to prep for partitioning and how to partition, with a chinese os, and then which linux version to use for a total beginner? and finally, will wiping xp remove the vermin? these are my questions.

thanks for your time and help.
I suggest Mandriva, Fedora or SuSE. Since you want to wipe windows completely you don't need to prep the computer because the installers will partition and reformat the drive automatically. Reformating the drive will wipe out the viri and worms.
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