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Full Version: NU B here...need help plz.
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i need help with getting my network setup.
i have a dwl520 not the + version. prism chipset.
running redhat 8.0 with development tools installed.
downloaded the linux-wlan frow while i was in windows xp
copied to cd and rebooted to linux.
when i make the files it went ok.
when i make config....things dont go so well.
anybody done this before that can give me a resource page or some help biggrin.gif
ok...i dont know at all how to install a package properly if it is not an RPM i am lost. can someone help me install the linux-wlan.tar.gz package ??? purty please.
You should copy the file to your home directory first, usually I make a "Documents" directory under my home directory to store downloads temporarily.

First off, you need to un-tar the package, open up xterm and do the following:

user@host$:  tar -zxvf wlan.tar.gz

This will extract the file into the current directory for, most likely named "wlan". Then "cd wlan" to change into the newly created directory. Whenever you try to install something from source (tarball), the very first thing you should do is read the README and INSTALL files. 99% of tarball's comes with these 2 files, they are a MUST READ. I cannot stress enough how important it is to read the included documentation, they will most likely give you step-by-step instructions on how to install something.

9 times out of 10, the usuall method for installing a source package is to first issue the command "./configure" which will check to make sure you have all the files, tools and programs needed to compile the particular software, and will generate what is called a MAKEFILE. You can think of a MAKEFILE as a blue-print of how to compile software. After the MAKEFILE is generated, you can issue the command "make" which will read the MAKEFILE and compile the software for you. When that completes, you are ready to install it. To install it system-wide, you need to have super-user privalidges, so you need to issue the command "su" which will ask you for your password. Enter in your root password that you set on your Linux installation, and then issue the command "make install" which will install the package system wide and allow it to be assesiable to users. After that is completed, type "exit" to exit out of super-user state. That should be it, the program should be ready to go.

There are times that there are a few other things you need to do to get a program to work after compiling, but as I stated before, this would be noted in the README and/or INSTALL files. Read them!

As for specific information on this particular package, i can't help you there, i have never set up a wireless nic, but i'm sure you can google for it.
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