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Full Version: getting stuff from linux to windows...
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hey there.

as i have to give up my webserver, i need to take some mysql-databases and their php-frontends to a local non-linux computer. i installed apache, mysql, etc., dumped the databases and reinstalled them, but there's some trouble with the php-stuff. some scripts need to know where the configs are, etc., and i don't have a clue how to convert the absolute paths i used on linux. i already tried to convert the slashes to backslashes and put a C: in front of it, and i even escaped the backslashes with other backslashes, but none of them seem to work. does anyone know which is the right way to do that? and are there any other problems i could run into?

thanks in advance!
Generally, it is best to use relative paths for config files and includes etc Windows isn't too fussy about which way the slashes go, so that's no problem. Just sticking in C: in front is unlikely to work since the windows filesystem is laid out completeley differently to Linux.
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