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Full Version: sorry to ask again (but more bout LNX)
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dont eat my arm
okay here we go, i love linux, i hate windows, it was originaly a crappy window manager for IBM's Disk Operating System *hail* which had money, no one liked it, well thats a exaduration, and they were not as popular as systems such as macintosh MACOS, atari st TOS, UNIX and even the original pc ibm DOS *hail*, so they bribed companys to make all the applications for the MS *baka* OS .. thus there was not as many quality programs on the other systems and people moved to MS *baka*, (at least thats what i'm told)... yeah, then a sweedish (i think) grad student called linus toravolds started to write an OS similar to UNIX in Coroba, ne? this of course lead to GNU etc (LInus' UniX : LINUX.... (this is probaly bullshit i diddn;t make it up, but like to beleive it. yeah...
so i got into Linux at the age of 10... it was a SuSE dist. (happy days^^) anyways...
can someone tell me how to end the write command... u know when you have finished writing your message, how to send it?
a green plastic watering can, for a fake chinese rubber band...
dont eat my arm
wow, that was a long-winded question.

What are you writing? Where are you writing? And where are you trying to send it? smile.gif
dont eat my arm
umm.... a computer on the internet, and computers on a LAN, also can anyone suggest a site on how to hack?.... in can connect via telnet... but beyond that... ^^;;;;;;;
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