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I am in a need of a howto that helps to set up few servers who will share the same user database with OpenLDAP

for exaple there will be 4 servers:

1. E-mail & web server
2. Samba server
3. File storage server
4. Server with LDAP database containing users login data.

users home directorises shoud be stored on the first server, Samba server will provide only PDC service with roaming profiles and File server contains software, multimedia files and drivers that everyone shoud have access to. The last server contains only users login data and provides authentication service to first three servers.

I have set up theese services on a single server, but i need to split them up on three different server, becouse one server can't handle 300-400 clients. if spamassassin is working or someone is copyng a 500MB movie it is real pain to logon to the domain and get your roaming profile.

the problem is that i have no idea how to solve this. I would be most grateful if you point me on some howto that describes such solution. i does not have to be exactly like i described but i need to get the main point how it should work. i don't even know what keywords shoud i use to search such howto.

well If you have setup all these services on one computer. I guess the 1,2,3,4 part is not that hard at all for you.

1. Setup a OpenLDAP server with all the user information I think there is a software called vampire that can be used to extract the usernames

You set up the OpenLDAP part the same way you did before, just make sure it will allow access from other clients not JUST localhost (

2. You setup the samba domain controller the same way you did before, only this time the openldap part will point to a different server NOT the localhost.

3. You create a file server (now this one almost creates itself automaticaly) and you join it to the domain. (see Samba 3 by example , it's is quiet usefull)

4. You setup the e-mail server like you did before but instead of localserver you will use the address of the OpenLDAP server.

I think you are scared of this more then you should be. If you were able to setup these things alone, you are more then well equiped with knowledge to seperate this tools into diferent machines.

Make sure you play on 4 test servers.

Robert B
it looks easy, but i still don't understand few things.. if i set it up and add new user into LDAP database.. how does it create all nessesery stuff into all other servers.. user home with mail folder and public_html into the first server.. directory for Samba romaing profiles and other stuff i need to be set when new user is created..

in localhost using useradd, i can just add paramter -m and it creates users home as i set it up in /etc/skel
how does is work if i use central user database? it has to create certain stuff on all three servers.

one solution is to write a script that does all this automaticaly on all servers.. but if i need to grant certain permissions to users.. one user dont need e-mail.. he just needs to login to computer using Samba. some users need only e-mails without Samba or fileserver access. and there are some other services that only cretain users can have access to and those services need special files or directories to store data and documents. then i have to wite very complex and big script.. isn't there an other way of doing it all?

maybe it sounds stupid, but i have no idea how to do it all.. i would prefer to read about it before i start testing stuff..
This is a full scale deployment. First off, you don't need seperate boxes for LDAP and File storage. I would do "email/web" on one box "samba" on another and "ldap/nfs" on a third.

But here is the deal. This is a complex set up thats going to require knowledge of lots of different systems. This isn't something you're going to learn how to do from scratch on a forums. You need to find somebody who knows what they are doing to help you through it in person. You might have to consider shelling out a few bucks for techie to come in and help. Getting all those things to work togeather is no picnic and thats why there are people out there who get paid good money to do it.

I am sorry, but I am just giving it to you straight. If you don't know at least four out of the five systems you need there well, get help, and not here, real help. You will thank me later.
i know thees systems quite well, but the problem is that i don't know how to set it up on different macines with the same user database.. i'll try to fine some people who ar able to help me to set this system up..
i'll spen d some weeks without good nigt sleep and try to set it up..

thank you for your reply wink.gif
You can share uses between boxes using the "yp" (NIS) package. On the "master" (server)) you would isntall "ypserv" and on the others "ypbind". It's incredibly simple to set up - and webmin ( has an interface for it if all else fails.

Googling either NIS or YP should give some useful results though.

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