okay i have been using linux for at least 4 years... and still now i am stuck ^^;;;; ... dispite reading many manuals, i am actualy running a Mac OS X iBook now but it works just the same (xept no multiple desktops on X ;_;... i would like to know how to end your message on the write program... i thought it was double enter... ^^;;; anydoodle, i would realy appriciate it if someone could tell me (tis not in man). also, i would realy love to be able to hack so i can play hackerslab.org (telnet: drill.hackerslab.org) and have fun with my LAN at home... could anyone suggest any books or websites (preferibly websites i am skint) umm... yeah thats it... soon my website will be : http://witch-child.org : so look there in the next month or so or contact me here or AIM dowelljc EMAIL dowell_ukcc@yahoo.co.uk

thanx allot^^ -dowell