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Full Version: Slackware .iso's
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Hi, this is my first post here. It looks like you've got a nice place going, hopefully I can get some help (and maybe help someone else). Anyway, my problem is simple -- I'm wondering where to get slackware iso files.

I've installed slakware before, and the main reason I like it is because it pretty much forces you to know what you're doing. You have to set up most stuff yourself, and by hand. That'd be a good way to learn how it works, right? The first time I installed it I was able to get the images off of aMule and burn them (I was using Fedora at the time). I then proceded to lose the disks. And the origional files. And reinstall windows.

So, I don't really feel like trying to get them via aMule again, but I can't seem to find the .isos on any of the mirrors I've tried. One thing I have found, though, are instructions to make your own (here). I'm guessing you need to have the entire tree on your local computer for this to work (or mounted somehow? I've never actually been able to mount anything via the terminal by the way). This leads into another problem. I want to be able to get these files using linux, so I'll know how to do it in the future, but I can't seem to work the ftp program. I also don't want to have to install a distribution just to install a different distribution. This leaves me with an Ubuntu live cd, and a second windows computer with plenty of shared space to store stuff. I also think I heard somewhere that it's possable to install Slackware directly from one of their mirrors. Is this true? How would this work?

So I pretty much want to do one of these:
a ) download the .isos from some site one of you shows me (the boring way).
b ) figure out how to mount a windows network share, use ftp to get the files I need there, and make and burn the isos to cd, all from a live distribution. (I'd like to know how c) works too, if I decide to go this way)
c ) figure out how to install Slackware directly from a mirror. (I'd like to know how b ) works, just in case)

well, now that I've written a novel of a post, I suppose I'll let you guys pick over it. Thanks in advance!
Umm, i don't know why your having problems with the first one. Google slackware, the first hit is slackwares home page, click the link, list of mirros

Get Slack

Now, knowing which one to download is a little trickier. You probably want the most current (10.2) And the folder labeled "slackware-10.2-iso/" seems like a good bet. You can just download them like you download any file, you don't need to much about with mounting an ftp share or anything.

Ounce you have the files downloaded, open up your favorite burning rom. Nero, Roxio, Toast, K3b I don't know what system your on. They will all have options for burning an image, burn the isos and you're set to go.

If you're looking to do the whole direct from a mirror thing, I have no idea how to help you on that, I run gentoo, I know how to do that for gentoo, but not slack. But there seems to be some good documentation on so, have a look
yeah, but for most mirrors, there are only .asc and .md5 files.
i was able to find one with actual images though, thanks. guess i got to start looking harder.
Wait before jump the gun... you should not use simple FTP for such huge file downloads...try using wget or at least use Bit Torrent...
You're just not in the right folders if you don't see .iso files, or possibly the mirros are broken. You should be able to find them if you look for the most current version. The most likely reason there aren't iso files is because the mirror only host the most current version.
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