Greeting all,

I have been trying to become a linux user for a couple years now but every time I have tried it I have found something I just couldn't get on with. My last attempt was Mandrake 9.0 and while it was definately better than any other Distro I had tried it was still missing something.

When 9.1 came out recently I decided to give it a go and I have to say I am very impressed. So Impressed that I plan on keeping it and attempting to get rid of the dual boot situation all together. I play a number of games but all of them are supposed to work with linux and the only game I play frequently is UT2K3. I currently like everything about this Distro but I I have no 3d so even Tux racer doesnt work very well. I feel this is a fault with ATI rather than Mandrake linux. If I could get my Radeon 9700pro working with UT2K3 I could say goodbye to MS forever I think.

Is there any way that I can get all of this working without having to do anything too complicated. Just for some background I work Site Support for a major energy supplier in England but we only work with Windows NT and 2000 so while I understand computer hardware and the afore mentioned OS's I dont have a clue about Linux commands etc. I plan on learning but dont want to have to be thrown in at the deep end to get my videocard working 100%.

I also just wanted to say Well Done to MandrakeSoft for such a leap forward from the last release.

Thanks in advance for anyone who replies even if just to say hi. biggrin.gif