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Full Version: New Linux User - Ftp Problem
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i have just taken over a dedicated server running Fedora Core 3. The server has a 80GB HDD. I know very little about Linux.

We are uploading about 15 GB of aerial photography images to the server in three files sizes to 3 folders - imagessml, imagesmed and imageslge. I have found that I can only upload 1998 files to each folder which is a problem as there are over 6000 images for each folder waiting to go up.

If I try to upload more than the 1998 files, they appear to upload properly but do not show on the server. As the three file sizes range from 4k to 2.5mb, it has nothing apparently to do with a maximum folder size (in MB).

Does anyone know why this is happening and what to do about it? I have spoken to the ISP but they seem to be a little confused by the problem. If I can point them in the right direction, they may fix it quicker.

thanks very much

Mel Lewis
cagey cretin
You could always zip a bunch of the files together into smaller batches which will 1) reduce the number of files in the ftp folder and 2) reduce data transfer (you are compressing the files).
BUt it you zip them, you have to go to the trouble of unzipping them before they can be used. I have a feeling it might be something to do with the maximum number of inodes available for a given directory.

How do the files "not show up"? Weird question, but if it's just that they dont show up on the server-generated index page, but do show up via FTP, then maybe the web server just wont index more than 1998 files. Try requesting a single image that doesnt show up in the list if you havent already.

What filesystem are you using? It is completely possible to write more files into a folder then the folder can 'hold' and that size depends on the file system.

I think that switching filesystems isn't the option you want to go with, so I would suggest just making multiple folders

imagessml_1 imagessml_2 and such or what ever.

That is the simplest solution to this problem.
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