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Full Version: Suppressing Nfs Error During Boot
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I keep getting a boot message saying that nfs is falling back to UDP, it really slows down the boot process as there are around 17 mounts which are mounts from the file server which I believe is running nfs3. I donít mind it falling back to UDP (network traffic overheads when using TCP and all that stuff) as I havenít got time at the moment to sort that out, but, what I would like to do is suppress the message, do I just add Ď-o udpí to the fstab? Does suppressing the boot message actually help or as the the name suggest merely suppreses it and will not speed up the boot process? Is there another quick solution?
Any one? blink.gif
Edit the init script that starts the NFS service to add -o udp to the command it executes. The location and format of init scripts varies between distributions and init systems though.

Keep in mind that since UDP isn't as robust a protocol as TCP (no error correction) you might encounter mor data corruption than you would otherwise. If you are using it read-only then it probably isn't a problem, but writing data over UDP is riskier.

hanks for that - I'll give it a go. It is mainly reading files.

Have had any experience with Novell's eDirectory?

I'm trying to move towards one point (with replication - LDAP) for logon, authentication and directorty services, we currently have a mix bag of Linux and Windows clients and servers and having one point would be great. Also having to look at Windows Services for Windows, however, the more I read about MS take on LDAP and AD the less I like it!
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