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Full Version: Editing A User's Premissions
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Okay so I'm runing ubuntu and I need to edit one of my users so they have root access. The user is andrew and is already setup but only has basic functions. How would I go about giving set user admin privillages. Or would it be better to create a new user from scratch and assign him to andrew's home directory.
I tried to user the built in User and Group admin in the system menu but it exits saying the "child process failed with error 1" and because I have no clue what error 1 is. I came here

Thanks in Advanced
First off - I didnt think Ubuntu used the "root user" concept.

Secondly, running as root is silly at the best of times, and nomrally downright stupid. Creating a user with root privleges is just asking for something awful to happen.

If you're sure that you want to create some hideous root-user mutant hybrid, then you could try making the user's primary group "0" - I'm not sure if it will help or not though.
NO no no no, ok, what you want is to give Andrew 'sudo' thats all Ubuntu has by default. You can hack ubuntu to allow for users to become root but you don't want to do that.

Depending on which version of ubuntu you are using adding a user to the sudo group is a little different. This webpage should explain everything you need to know.

Ubuntu Wiki- Sudo
Okay sorry then maybe I should clear up what I really need.
I guess that I do not need a Full Root account but for some reason no matter what I do user can never seem to mount anything, run any audio programs or adjust audio, user video apps or even limewire or Edonkey so accually I really don't think it's stupid to run an account as root. Besides the entire idea behind wanting to do it makes sence I mean I'm not going to do something I don't know how to do with out checking up first. Beside I'm also the root user so it really doesn't matter
If you can't run audio or video, then your system has problems full stop. There is no need, on a properly configured system, to run as root. "Checking before you do things" is simply not a good way to stop things happening. It's easy to type rm -R /* instead of rm -R ./* and then your entire filesystem gets deleted.

Claiming to "be" the root user is also rather silly. Nobody "is" the root user unless it is absolutely necessary - Root users kill systems, there is no argument about that.

Being unable to mount filesystems can be fixed by adding the "user" option in the fstab entry for that particular user. Audio access problems are most likely due to one process locking others out, or a misconfigured sound server. Sure, root fixes the mounting problem, but it's a pretty poor solution and likely to cuase more problems that it will solve.
You need to make sure your ussers are part of the 'audio' group and 'video' group and such and what not. You seem like part of your problem is setting up users incorectly, and the other half is putting some odd permission on programs.

Are you creating users via the command line or are you using Ubuntu's built in user management tool? Also how are you installing programs? Apt-get or are you making them yourself.

Do things work well for you main user and poorly for those you create, or what? Answer some of these questions and I might be able to help you out.
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