Hi, I've installed Mandrava 2006 free, i was previously using Mandrake 10.1 and in that sound was working just fine without having to do anything.

I have a Sound Blaster awe64 PnP ISA Sound Card.

I have had similar problems with other distro's and solved it by running alsaconf, but this file seems to be missing. I have installed all packages that i can find on the cd's for alsa but it is still not there.

I have tried to run sndconfig and that has found the card and play a sample file and it worked just fine, but in KDE I can't get any sound to work. When I enable sound in the sound system part for configure KDE, I get a message saying it can't find the device and will continue to use the null output.

Anyone out there know how to sort this out? I will be very greatfull!

P.S. Very sorry about the multiple posts, i kept getting an error message saying mail not sent... so I kept trying and didn't realise it was actually working. Sorry once agaain.