I just purchased a computer and decided to install a linux os onto it. I tried Kubuntu 5.10 64-bit and Open Suse 10.0 32-bit. Im running just the Linux OS. In both instances, the GUI will freeze up after using it for a while. i can move the mouse but i cannot click or type anything. I do not know whats the problem but i suspect is some hardware issues since i've tried different distros. I installed them with default options.

My computer specs are as below:
Socket 754 Sempron 64-bit 3000+
MSI K8MM-V (Via VT8237R & Via K8M800-CE chipsets512x2)
512mb x 2 PC3200-400 CL2.5 ram
Maxtor 200GB SATA

I suspect its a problem with the SATA controller but i have really no idea how to solve the problem even if its the case. Would greatly appreciate anyone who can drop a line or help me out over here.