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Full Version: X Does not start on boot!
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I am using Mandrake 9.1

I can not switch tto a graphical login. I set it to graphical login with the Mandrake Control Center, but it was already set to.

/etc/inittab is set to runlevel 5 already, and i ran telinit 5.

I cant get it to work. -Once I do a console login, and type startx it all works fine.

plz help

In order for you to have graphical login, you need to make sure that you have a graphical login manager installed. Examples of these are GDM (Gnome) , KDM (Kde) and XDM (Other). Make sure one of these 3 are in your path (whereis kdm). If it is, then you need to make a script in your runlevel directory that executes the login manager on bootup. In this scenario, you would want to create the script in /etc/rc5.d (runlevel 5 directory). Please note that gdm, kdm and xdm usually all create the scripts for you in this location, so chances are, if this isn't executing for you, then the package must not be installed. If it is installed and for some reason it didn't create the scripts, you can just copy one of the other scripts as a template and change it to suit your login manager.
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