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Full Version: I Messed Up Pretty Bad
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i accidentally chmoded my / directory.. to get it back to be able to restart and so forth i did a '# chmod 755 /' now it seems to be running ok but my mailserver and some other directories that are suppose to be world writable are affected. Does anyone know a list of all the directories that are suppose to be world writable or is there a way to restore all the permissions back to they way they were using redhat installation cd or something? any tips are greatly appreciated.
Not all files in the same directory have the same permissions. So, you really can't do a global chmod successfully. Besides a full restore I do not know of a good method of restoring perimssions from the install CDs.
Just out of ceruiosity, what distro are you running, if you say Linspire this post is going up on the "list of why running as root it bad" otherwise, it was just an honest mistake. You have to be careful with the -R when you aren't in interactive mode.

I have a feeling there are programs out there that will do permissions repair, I will poke around and see what i can find, what distro are you running?
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