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I have spent the last couple of hours on this web site trying to find the answers I'm looking for and it all looks pretty intimidating. However I'm gonna have a go if I can just get a little bit of help from you.
I have an old KTX880 laptop with 72Mb memory (64Mb stick plus 8Mb on the mobo), Pentium 1 and a one Gig hard drive. It can also boot from the CD drive.
I wish to run one application on this system, namely Audacity.
I need to use this system for its portability as I will be going to one remote location, recording some vocals then off to another location to multi-track a second vocal etc.
Will this system be able to do the job? Which distribution would be the most suitable?
Also, when I have completed a recording I will need to transfer the file to my desk top for further modification in Audacity. As I don't have a CD burner on the laptop, is it possible to network a Linux laptop to a desktop running WindowsXP?
I hope I'm asking these questions in the correct forum.
Getting that computer up and running linux shouldn't be to big of a problem. But actually using it to record.... well.... sorry. Audacity is a sweet program but running it on 72 MB of ram is like trying to run a car on two tires. Not to mention you're going to have about 5 MB of disk space left by the time you get linux, X, and audacity installed, if that much. 5 MB is just about enough for 30 seconds of single channel audio.

Sorry man, the specs on that lappy are just to thing to use for remote site recording. Trust me, I do it all the time with my gear. My geear happens to be a PowerBook, but thats a whole different story.

Long story short, don't waste your time, start saving up for a better computer, its the only way your gonna do this.
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