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Full Version: my little linux problem
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i am trying to install linux onto my laptop, but i have ran into a problem:
the cd and floppy drive are detachable, only one can be used at a time. it cant boot off the CD drive.
i did a google search and i found someone who seems to have had the same problem, but i dont understand how he solved the problem.
here is the link:

can anyone help me? please? thanks.
Red hat can boot the install from the CD.
Make sure your BIOS is set to boot from the CD drive.
Who's bright idea was it to make it so you can only use either your cdrom or floppy at a time. Seems like we're going back to the 60's or something.

Btw, for some useful information, a friend of mine purchased a laptop from dell and when she received it, she had to do the same thing, swap the drives in order to use either one. She called technical support to tell them that it wasn't what she expected and that she wanted to return it to them for a refund, so they gave her $500 back as compensation if she kept it. This might be a nice little trick if anyone wants to chance it smile.gif
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