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Full Version: Hostnames The Basics
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I've a problem getting the basics going.

I have two Debian machines running,

Firstly they can't see eachother via hostname, only IP address. This is a problem because my IP's are dynamically assigned.

if I enter http://hostname into Konqueror I get squat, this is bad.

else if I enter http://ipaddress I get the apache default page, this is good, but not good enough.

What do I need to install (other than Samba, just want to use NFS to share) to make my machines visible to eachother via hostnames?

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Do you have a router or is your ISP providing the IP addresses?

I can think of only the following, make your dhcp server update dns dynamicaly...

so that your computers will always have the same dns name ... nomatter what the ip address is.

see the guides forum of

Or install samba, and set wins support = yes. That to will alow to ping machines using host names instead of ip address.

Robert B

I have an adsl firewall/router, the usual deal, 4 port gadget, this is my dhcp server.


I don't know if my router can handle DNS, is that likely? probably not, I'll check though, they jam pack those things with features these days.

I think I've got my answer though, correct me if I'm wrong anyone. The only way to access machines by Hostname is to either run Samba, wich I am doing when Windows boxes are involved, or to run a DNS server. Linux doesn't have any equiv to wins unless using Samba? Wanted to not use Samba except for when I'm using a Windows box, don't know why, it just seems like the right thing to do.


I think the simplest method for trying to accomplish what you want:

1. Set static IPs in your router settings for the machines that use this router.
2. Add entries to "/etc/hosts" respective to the IP assignments.

This should satisfy whatever you're trying to do.
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