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Full Version: Freezes Momentarily
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linux just last night started freezing only or 2 seconds at a time but it happens every 1-2 minutes
at first i thought it was the mouse because it would stop but it was every thing. after the freeze it thaws and every thing I did during the freeze caught up w/ me. People have said it was my cpu overheating but that is not the problem because I have this huge heavy duty fan(not a computer fan)sticking out the side of my case. dry.gif
It sounds like a memory issue. I used to have this problem before that the system would freeze momentarily while the hard drive spun, etc. Next time it happens, try to open up a console, and run "top", and check your memory usage at the top of the screen. Maybe your system doesn't have enough swap space, and the system has to allow for one program to dump it's usage so another can use the space (hense the freeze for a second or two).

Once i upgraded my ram to 512MB, i never seem to have that problem anymore.
kernel could be running cron jobs every 1/2 mins.

Or something in background was eating up system resources. Do

ps -A

BTW, try to use another GUI to see if the problem persists.
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