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Full Version: Gah Need Help
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This is going to sound real stupid for all you people who use linux a lot, but here goes:

Im trying to install slackware 8.1 onto a partition adjacent to windows 2000 both on 4 gig partitions, a 2 gig swap drive, and a 28 gig shared partition that im going to use for both of them until i get a new hard drive... when i boot from the disk (bare.i) it seems to go all happy doodly, until it asks for my root disks, which i made from the color.gz file, i put each one of the five disks in in order, and then it gives me this message:

Kernel panic:No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel

i have no idea what htis means, or why it does that, but after it tells me its panicking, can someone please tell me howto get slackware loaded on my machine
May I ask what each one of the 5 disks are? So far I got:

1. bare.i (OK)
2. color.gz (OK)
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?

How are you going to install slack? Did you download the disk-sets or do you have a cd? etc.
Thats it, the five disks are color.gz, its five disks long, and my boot disk (the sixth disk) is bare.i

i recieved the cd from someone, but when i first tried to install it, it didnt work, so i downloaded a new cd image, and burned it, so its a combination of disk and cd, and before you say to boot from cd, it sais

Looking for boot record from cd.......Failure
Looking for boot record from IDE......Found

then it boots up to my windows side
According to the slackware ftp, color.gz is only 2.4 mb in size, why would that take up 5 disks? I really think that the root disk is the problem.
.gz is a zip format, supposedly when its unzipped it takesup five disks, i have done everything that site told me to do, it just doesnt work besides, when i downloaded slackwares cd image, it was small, but when i burned it it filled a 650 mg cd, stuff is weird, i just need help from someone who is actually running slackware and can maybe help bypass this problem or point me to where i can get help
NVM guys, im calling slackware quits, im installing free bsd, my friend knows enough about that to get me going, so i wont be back for help any time soon, thanks fo rthe help you gave me tho!
Hope you know what you're getting into with free-bsd... Installs a real monster. Hope your friend knows A LOT about fbsd. If you're new to linux I would get Mandrake or Redhat if I were you.
I found FreeBSD quite simple to install, not too much fooling around, and it actually asks you if you want this installed or that installed or this configured or that configured. I thought the FreeBSD install was quick, and easy.
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