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Full Version: Hotmail?
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I am having trouble getting into hotmail on my inux bot. I have susi 8.1 pro. I get to the login screen, type in my user name and password, but after that the server times out every time. I have noticed there are some other sites that time out like that to. I wonder if there is something I have not configured yet. I have double checked all my IP settings and server setting and they seem to be right. They are all set up just like my laptop which runs win98 and with the same internet connection i can access all the websites with the laptop that I cannot with the linux box. Any help would be appreciated.

It seems that sites like Hotmail and bank sites, etc, don't take kindly to anything but Netscape and Internet explorer. For those of us who use other browsers, like konqueror, it means a little work in tricking the website into thinking we have a different web browser.

What web browser are you using?
I am using the konqueror web browser, i have tried opera to.

Seems like I've seen trouble with hotmail before from within IE and Netscape. I think it might actually be an os incompatability. I think it was Mac OS 9 that was giving me fits about it. It's probably MS's passport software screwing it up. I've never trusted that program, or anything else made by ms now that I think about it...
okay, I have done a bit of research and found that mozilla web browser is a little more use friendly with http which I am told is what some sites like hotmail use. However I still cannot access some sites (like hotmail) from my linux box. I have tried konquerer, opera, and mozilla all from susi 8.0 pro. Hope someone can give me a clue to how to proceed from here because I am starting to run out of things to try.

Thankyou biggrin.gif
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