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Full Version: Dhcp Fallback To Fixed Ip
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Hi everybody,
Can anybody give me a hint how to configure the DHCP client properly.
This is my expected behaviour:
I want to have the DHCP client check if there is a DHCP server available.
If yes the IP address submitted by the DHCP server should be used.
If no DHCP server is found in the network my computer should fall
back to a fixed IP address rather than not assigning any IP address at all.

A config file snippet to put me on the right track is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
A little more information could be useful:
First, what DHCP client are you trying to use?
Editing the 'timeout' function of your DHCP client configuration just a little would do what you need.
Second, Are you wanting to set this up on boot?
Could add a simple script to your rc (or equivalent) scripts to do this, as well.
What distro you are running would be most helpful. Pretty much what you want is what he system will do by default. It should check for a DHCP server, and if none found it will assign itself an IP. You can dicate what that self assigned IP will be in the config files. So what you are going to have to do is decide how long you want it to try before it times out. If you tell us what disto you are using we should be able to help you out.
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