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Full Version: Mozilla, Gtk-warning**: Cannot Open Display
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Hello friends,

I guess it's not unfamiliar for people to come in here and say, 'Hello, I'm new to Linux'. Well, I will join the band wagon and say so too. 'I'm new to Linux'. I use a distribution of Linux called CRUX. Yes, it is not very popular, but it not a Windows clone either.

For a newbie like myself, it is hell on earth. But that's the fun of it for me. The challenge has spurred my understanding of Linux. It has made me comprehend why Linux is the future. The fact that you can build your operating system up from scratch, customize it to your taste, and make it do what you want, is enticing in itself. Okay, enough rantings.

The Problem:
I have a problem running Mozilla, the only package I'm familiar with. :-) I type the following command at the bash prompt:

$ mozilla

and I get the following feedback

Gtk-Warning**: cannot open display

So I decide perhaps I need to start X. I proceed to do so successfully. At the x-terminal I type the 'mozilla' command again. This time I don't get any
warning or error message, but mozilla doesn't seem to launch. Or maybe it
did, but I sure didn't see it. I was thinking maybe I incorrectly configured
xfree86. And I swear I used the search engine, I got no results.

I would be grateful if anyone could point out what is going on and
what I'm doing wrong again. :-) Thanks in advance and I look forward to your
suggestions. smile.gif

Hello again.

For people who might experience the problem I mentioned above, I got the following solution. To begin with, preferrably, launch Mozilla from an X terminal. Input the following command at the bash prompt to correct the problem the problem in question:


Hopefully, this should correct this problem. It worked for me. Good luck, and thanks for your assistance. *chuckles*

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