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Full Version: 4k Stacks To 16k Stacks
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Can anyone tell me how disable and remove the 4K stack in Fedora 4 and install the 16K Stack?

I am new to this so if you can give me it easy steps!! lol

The reason I want to do this is when I type modprobe ndiswrapper when trying to install my wireless card is freezes the system

Many thanks
I highly doubt this option is what would be causing the kernel crash upon loading the module. However, if this really is causing the crash, try and get rid of the option:

You will need to find the option in your kernel's config file, probably: /usr/src/linux/.config
Comment out the line in there labeled "CONFIG_4KSTACKS=y"

After recompiling the kernel, you should be good to go. You will also need to reinstall ndiswrapper: 'make install' from your compiled ndiswrapper source directory.

Sorry, I missed what distro you said you were using. This is probably what you are looking for:
sorry to diagree with you as2100 but I would expect that that is exactly the problem. I don't know how well Fedora does with a 16k stack. For the same reason that ndswrapper will crash because its not a 16k stack, some modules will crash because its not a 4k stack. Now, thats a symptom of bad programing, but a 16k stack is a 4k stack with 12 extra k, but what ever.
No doubt I'll take your word, you're probably much more knowledgable on the situation. smile.gif

I was just speaking from personal experience: this stack issue seemed to cause problems for myself whenever I began using the network interface. The module would load fine, and I could bring up my NIC device, but- as soon as I requested an IP: *PANIC!*.

But, after a little research (specifically- by following this thread: Linux-Kernel Archive: kernel stack), I am going to have to absolutely agree. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but: drivers that need +4K stacks demand more space than the kernel has reserved in memory. Thus: the module doesn't load properly, crashing the kernel. Seems to me that this problem could very easily be handled by ndiswrapper. dry.gif
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