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Full Version: Please Help With Mandrake 9.1
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I am a newbie to Linux and I decided that it would be a great day to test it out on my machine.

Well, it's f'd up now!

I initially had Windows 98 on C, Win2k on D, and an E parition, and F was my CD Writer.

I burned Mandrake 9.1 ISO and decied to install it.

Now, I think I may have formatted my C, D and E. (I have no access to them. I can not boot to them.) When I stick a windows 98 bootdisk, it doesn't recognize any of the drives.

I'd like to achive the following:
I'd like to go back to Windows on this machine. I'll install Madrake on another Celeron 433.

How do I uninstall Linux? (Keep in mind, that I have NO access to Windows or Dos on this machine. When it boots up, it goes directly to Mandrake.)

Is there anyway to retrive my old info on my NTFS / Fat32 Partitions?

Thanks in advance.
you mean when you boot up ,lilo or grub doesnt appear to let ya pick what os ya wanna boot up?
that's right.

I get 4 linux options.
- linux
- failsafe
- linux entrprise
- and something else...(i'm on another machine, so I don't remember the exact otpion)
use expert mode and look at your partitions. if there is a blue one then stick a win98 boot disk in and when you get a prompt type
fdisk /mbr
thatll get rid of lilo but you may need to reinstall windows.
need more info from you to give you better help
Assuming you let the MDK installer auto configure everything you might have wiped out any existing struff on the disk. Look at diskdrake from the MDK control center to see how the disk is formated. If you don't see any NTFS or fat32 partitions then you have lost everything.

The MDK installer in the past would of detected windows partitions and configured lilo to boot. During the install process you should of had the change to configure lilo as desired.

To uninstall you can use the fdisk on the win98 and select delete non DOS partitions. Then run fdisk /mbr to delete lilo from the master boot record.

You can boot the rescue mode on the install cd and use fdisk to delete the partitions from the disk. Window will overwrite lilo.

Thanks for the response.

This is what I'd like to do now.

Get rid of EVERYTHING on my hard drive.
It appears as if I've lost everything.

I want to completely format the hard drive, get rid of both Linux & Windows 2000.

I'd like to reinstall windows 200 and then reinstall Linux.

I don't want to even attempt to fix this current install.

I can't format my hard drive, because it won't even boot up.

Can someone please suggest a solution?

so try to boot with the a available linux cd.and format format your hard drive.if u r not able to boot with the a bootable cd it means:

1.either the cd is not bootable or badly burnt.
2.or u have to check from bios what is booting sequence.change it to boot from the cd first.
i am able to boot with the cd.

it goes to installation.

So, if i were to format the hard drive, I can stop at that? I don't have to continue with installation?

Or, do I have to install completely?

Cause, I wish to have Windows 2000 as the primary OS, so I can perform daily tasks...I'd like to learn Linux, so that would be secondary.

First, if you want to completely clean up your HD, go to the manufacturers web site and see if there are any formatting utilities available. Western Digital has one and Maxtor has another one that works on alot of different brands. You generally install the utility on a floppy and boot with it in the floppy drive.

Second, Reformat your HD with one partition. Then install Win2K(you should set bios to boot from CDROM before HD). After successfully installing Win2k, go into the Win2k system tools and defragment your HD. This is important because the Mandrake disk utility won't resize the drive if there are fragmented files.

Now you want to insert your Mandrake disc 1 and reboot your computer. When it gets to the format section, choose expert, and it will bring up this cool utility that is a partitioning jewel. Click on the windows partition and resize it. Make sure you leave it big enough to use Windows effectively, but you are going to need to carve out a big enough chunk for Linux too.

This is the part where it gets kinda tricky, but after you learn Linux a bit, it will make sense. Click on the empty (white) section of the HD and resize it to about 2GB. This will be the root partition. Choose Linux Native for file system and select mount " / "(boot). Next, click on the empty section again and resize it to about double the amount of system RAM you have installed. Make this a Linux Swap partition. Now click on the empty space and cut it roughly in half, make it Linux Native file system and mount "/usr" in this. The remaining empty section should be Linux Native and mount "/home" on it.

The "/" partition is the boot section.
The swap section is like the virtual memory in Windows.
The "/usr" section is where program files are installed.
The "/home" section is where you will keep personal files.

When it goes to format all of these sections, make sure you select all partitions except your windows partition (I thhink it is called mnt/windows).
Somewhere in the installation it will ask about boot manager or something, pick LILO and make sure windows is in the list.

I hope all of this makes sense to you. I have personally installed Mandrake 9.0 and 9.1 about 6 times. After screwing up enough, I think I've got it down right.

Thank you SOOOO MUCH!

You have no idea how helpful that was!

I have ab 80 gig Western Digital Hard Drive with 8 Meg Cache.

Of that, how much should I leave for Linux?

I'm glad I could help. I was hoping I didn't get too baffling in my explanation...I tend to explain how the watch was made when asked what time it is.
I have a 30 GB WD drive and I have 10GB for linux. You may want more room to play. Depending on how much stuff your Win2k system is holding, If you have room, at least 20GB should be plenty. Use more if you want, but at least 10 GB.
Let me know if you have any more problems. I'm still learning, myself. But Most of the problems I've overcome are still fresh in my mind.
I personally like Mandrake better, but until I can play my favorite FPS games on it, windows will stay on my system.
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